We are a group of dedicated healthcare professionals, that are passionate about our patients and their well-being. Our practice is an inspiring, caring space where patients are compassionately helped on their journey to optimum health.

Our vision:

We aim to establish Cradock’s leading health and wellness centre, where all our patients are treated like family.

Core values and behaviours

Care – We are caring, kind and compassionate. We offer comfort and show understanding. As well as our patients, we care for our own team and their welfare.

Respect – We recognise, value and respect each person around us. We treat everyone with dignity. We always respect privacy and confidentiality.

Safety – We provide a clean, safe environment for everyone. We take responsibility for everything we do and continually challenge ourselves and others to improve quality even further.

Communication – We actively listen to our patients and our colleagues. We are honest and open. We encourage and welcome feedback, taking the time to consider viewpoints and opinions different from our own.

Learning – We promote and encourage learning. We motivate, train and develop ourselves and others. We recognise and celebrate achievements. We learn and develop from incidents, complaints and compliments received.